WordPerfect 11 does not send print job to printer queue

The Problem:

For some odd reason WP11 was not sending any print jobs to the systems printer queue. Even though every other application including other Corel Suite Applications had no printing issues.

The Solution:

Install the latest WordPerfect Service Packs 1, 2 & 3, found here.

You will see the list of available service pack downloads. Note the service packs are applicable to the version you have and they do not necessarily have the same number of Service Packs available.  You can verify your version by taking a look at the original application CD/DVD that came with your system.

In my particular case no service packs were ever installed so I had to install in order 1-3. So Install SP1 followed by SP2 and lastly SP3.

Corel’s Support Page has additional troubleshooting suggestions in the event this does not work.

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