Wireless Networks Tab Is Missing

A co-worker went to configure their wireless connection on their Windows XP laptop and found that the Wireless Networks Tab was missing.  There are two reasons, that I know of, why this could happen.

  1. The Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) service is not running.

  2. The Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) service is not installed on you system.

The WZC service is normally pre-installed on Laptops sold by the major manufacturers otherwise it is not installed by default.

Solution 1: Start the WZC Service

Start the WZC service using the windows services management console.  If the WZC service is not listed, then move on to Solution 2, Install the Wireless Zero Configuration service.

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Run
  3. Type services.msc in the text box
  4. Click OK to open the Services Console.

    If you see that the WZC service is listed and is not started then,
  5. Right Click the Wireless Zero Configuration service and select properties.

  6. Make sure the Startup type is set to Automatic and click the Start Button to start the process.
  7. Press OK.

This will enable the service and you should now see the Wireless Networks Tab in the properties of the wireless network adapter.

Solution 2: Install the Wireless Configuration Service

Now to install the Wireless Zero Configuration service on your system, just follow the procedure outline below:

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Double-Click Control Panel
  3. In the Control Panel window, if you’re in
    • Category View, then double-click the Network and Internet Connections icon
    • Classic View, click on the Network Connections icon and skip to step five.
  4. In the Network and Internet Connections window, under the Control Panel icon, double-click the Network Connections icon.
  5. Right-click the Local Area Connection icon and select Properties from the context menu.
  6. In the Local Area Connections Properties window, on the General tab, click the Install button.
  7. Click to select the “Service” icon.
  8. Click the Add button.
  9. In the Select Network Service window, click the Have Disk button.
  10. Click the OK button.
  11. Click the Browse button.
  12. In the Locate File window, browse to the C:\Windows\Inf folder (this is a hidden folder).
  13. Click to select NETWZC.INF.
  14. Click the Open button.
  15. Click the OK button.
  16. In the Select Network Service window, in the Network Service box, select Microsoft as the manufacturer, and then click to select Wireless Zero Configuration.
  17. Click the OK button.
  18. Reboot your System.

After rebooting your system, you should find that the Wireless Zero Configuration service has been successfully installed on your system and you should now have access to the Wireless Networks tab.

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Enabling the service work great for me. Not sure why it was not started to begin with but it fixed my Dell.


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