How to install an old version of Adobe Flash

I had the need to install an older verison of Adobe Flash to stay compatible with a program I use regularly.  I had to uninstall the current version and install Adobe Flash Player 9.0.115.

In order to install an older version of Adobe Flash, you must Un-Install the current version.  Please follow these steps to Uninstall current version and Install new version.

1. Download the Adobe Flash Uninstall Utility: uninstall_flash_player.exe

2. Double-Click the uninstall_flash_player.exe to begin the process


3. Click Yes


4. Click Close

5. Download Adobe Flash Player 9.0.115: flashplayer9r115_win.exe (List of versions here)

6. Double Click flashplayer9r115_win.exe to begin the install.


7. Click Close

8. Almost Done

Internet Explorer:

The next time you open a web browser and need to use Flash, a warning bar will pop-up just under the URL text box .


9. Click the bar and choose to Install ActiveX


10. Click Install to finish the installation.

All versions of Adobe Flash Player can be found here for download:

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