AIM works but Internet Explorer and Firefox do not in Vista


All indications say your computer is connected to the internet but Internet Explorer(IE) and Firefox (FF) can not display any web pages. Curiously enough, AIM or some other chat client does work.


I have seen this issue twice and both times the problem was Norton Internet Security. The solution is to uninstall Norton completely using the Norton Removal Tool. When you visit the link, it will ask you to select your version of Norton, I did not know the version at the time so I just picked Norton 2008 and it worked just fine.

If you purchased Norton, remove it and burn it (Just kidding), after you click on your version it will show you how to save your product key. The Removal tool can be downloaded in step 3 on the same page. Just as a note, the download section didn’t play well with Firefox or Chrome so use IE if the download doesn’t work.

Other Notes and Observations:

What lead me to Norton was the fact that I was not able to open the Norton Internet Security Application and there was no real sign that Norton was installed other then seeing it’s services running in Services Viewer (Task Manager).

When I tried to uninstall Norton using the Add/Remove utility it produced some errors.

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This worked for me. I ended up having to use IE to download the removal tool.

Thanks for the help.

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