How to open a .XPS file

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An .XPS file is Mircosoft’s electronic paper format.  Similar to a .PDF file, same concept.

How can I open the .xps file so that I can print it?

The easiest way is to install an XPS viewer.  Microsoft was gracious enough have created such an application.  (not sure why they just didn’t just make it as easy as a .PDF)

Download the Microsoft XPS Viewer here:

1. Download and install the XPS viewer by clicking on link labeled “Download the Microsoft XPS Viewer

2. Run the installation and follow the instructions.

Give it a try… you should be able to view the .XPS file and print it to real paper.

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Not sure why anyone would choose to use an xps file.. when it just as easy if not easier to use .pdf files.

Thanks anyway.. I learned something new today.

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