TrueCrypt On Dual-Boot System

What needed to be done:

Encrypt Windows System partition on a Windows/Linux dual boot system.


I have Windows and Linux installed on a laptop using GRUB as the bootloader which is installed on the MBR. When TrueCrypt is installed and you choose to encrypt the entire windows partition, it needs to install its own bootloader in the MBR overwriting any previous bootloaders. So the solution is to move GRUB to another location. In my case I moved it to /boot (hd0,3) which is a partition on the drive. 

Once moved TrueCrypt will install it’s own bootloader on the MBR, so when you boot the computer it will prompt you with TrueCrypts authentication screen.  If you want to login to Windows continue with entering the credentials.  Otherwise, hit ESC and it will chain the GRUB loader.

To Move GRUB:

Install TrueCrypt:

Download the latest version of TrueCrypt:

Follow the Install instructions:

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Thanks .. worked out great after having to fix somethings that I previously garbled up.

Just what I was looking for. Quick question, this is just for encrypting the windows partition..correct?

Yes.. I encrypted the entire windows partition. It is possible to encrypt in Linux as well. Check out the Truecrypt documentation for linux at

Worked fine for me (XP SP3 with T/C 6.1a and Ubuntu 8.10)

I did this as a fresh install: XP, Ubuntu (installing Grub to / partition not to MBR) and then booted to XP and encrypted it.


Worked like a charm, thanks!

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